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I Started a Newsletter to share what I read each week

designfrontier profile image Daniel Sellers ・1 min read

A few weeks back I started a newsletter, lovingly called TIL, in which I talk about all the things I read, and learn, each week. The idea is that it helps call out things worth reading, and things not worth reading, in the same vein as my annual recap on my blog.

So, if you are interested in finding some interesting articles, podcasts, books, and other media. That are focused on software development, the world, and leadership, well then you should head over to and sign up.

It comes out every Sunday night/Monday morning!

The most recent one can be found here:

One last thing!

I'd also like to use it as a forum to answer questions for folks! A few weeks ago I talked about the difference between a software engineer and a software developer, at the request of a reader. So! If you have questions you want answered, sign up, and send them in response to the welcome email! And I'll try and answer them.

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