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Elliot For Water: The Search Engine that donates water with your searches

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Hi guys,

I’m here to present you Elliot For Water! is a search engine that uses 60% of its profit to finance clean water projects around the world. Our mission is to provide millions of people with access to clean water.

The way it works is very simple: you search the web, clicks on ads generate money, and that money is invested to give access to water to communities, schools, and hospitals.

As we stand for a better Internet and want to build a strong community around Elliot for Water, a community of people who want to impact the world, we have decided to officially go Open Source.

Our code is now available for anyone in the world to see, use, learn from, and contribute to!

If you like the idea of your experience going to impact people with access to water, and feel like taking part in this project, you are more than welcome to join our community and help us make Elliot for Water a better search engine!

Obviously, the moment we decided to to go Open Source we have also decided to embrace this philosophy completely; so if you have different expertise from coding, like UX or Marketing for example, but still want to contribute to our mission, our doors are always open for you!

We fully believe in the potential of Elliot for Water and we are persuaded that together, as a community, we can truly change the world!

Here you can find all our open tickets on Github:
Feel free to check them out or, if you have any ideas, write new ones.

If you want to contribute immediately, I will link the wiki document with all the necessary info, but, should you need more help, we are always one message away!

We genuinely hope to have you onboard soon!

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