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Do you report bugs you run into on other websites?

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Maybe it's just me and my Bug Queen reputation, but if I see something on a website that's not working properly - whether it's a design issue on someone's portfolio or a functionality bug for a service, it's hard for me to ignore.

I've started to wonder if it's just my anal nature, or if others do this too.

Generally if I see an issue on someone's personal website, I'll try to DM them on Twitter. But if their DMs are closed, I tend to stop there. There are a lot of websites that make it hard to report as well - while I was sourcing images for this post, I ran into an Unsplash issue! 😂 They have a handy form that displays when they have a known outage, but also a help article detailing how to report an issue or bug.

Basecamp has great Twitter support, and they're super responsive via DM.

And of course, open source projects like DEV.to! make it pretty easy to create an issue in Github.

For websites that don't make it so easy, do you even bother? Do visual or functionality bugs not bother you? How do you reach out? What kind of info do you provide?

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I do, but usually only if it is a site I use with some regularity.

If it's a site I'm on for the first time, I tend to think:

Minor bug - "Oh, they just haven't gotten around to this yet"
Major bug that breaks the site - "Eh, that's unfortunate" ** Closes Window **


I feel obligated to report bugs because your average user is not going to include contextual diagnostic info, like browser version, when the error started occurring etc.. and I also try to include photos or screen recordings if possible. As a developer, I know what it's like to be on the receiving end.


This is basically how I feel too!


I do..
My lil effert great help for others. M


I try to! If they have some sort of way I can contact someone, I'll usually try to do that.


If there's no contact email I use webmaster@domain.com

That usually works out.