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re: An easy and automated way for people to erase their digital footprint (or as much of it as possible).

Desi thank you! That's super cool. It's interesting and probably very efficient that it scans your emails to find the accounts, but, it's only working with people who use(d) Google and/or Outlook/Hotmail. That's definitely going to cover most people, but not everyone. I'm going to use this as inspiration and try to build something that helps anyone regardless of chosen email provider. Thank you again for sharing this...it's super helpful!

I wonder if you could somehow import inbox backups to scan for accounts that way... just a thought!

Top idea! Like a tiered type of system “We can integrate with these and here are 30 guides for the email providers on how to export / import manually”

We’re all helping Garrett plan his future SaaS extension to his business... I’m so proud haha

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