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re: haha, yes, I know some people who really don't drink water. I mean, if we are 80% water, then I'm gonna try my best to be 100% human :D Have you ...

yeah! my eating window is basically noon-7... except days like today where I wake up hungry and no amount of water helps, haha.

Everyday? or how often do you fast?

I fast only once a week, so I guess the novelty factor keeps me going as I usually eat quite a bit due to sport.

I fast every week day, and try to fast on weekends, but usually don't make it until noon. I basically eat one large-ish meal a day, around 5pm, and that keeps me going. I'm starting to train for a half-marathon and I'm curious what the effect on my appetite and energy will be from there.

Yes, that would be interesting to know.
Good luck with that marathon, "one step at a time" :D

Maybe I should try fast more often to feel the difference, although I'm into cross country mountain biking, which basically means one and a half hour of flat out racing. So, I'm not really that dependant on fat burn for energy.

If that's your first marathon, then I guess we'll see a post about "Coder does Marathon!" soon.

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