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re: Ehm, just my laptop on the couch... Not very ergonomic...

But very functional and enjoyable! I spent my first ~3ish remote years on my couch and loved it. So comfy and convenient.


Yeah, but when I was in the zone my back hurts for two days :-D
Regarding ergonomics, don't do it like me, instead:

  • Use a good keyboard and mouse (I chose Ducky One with MX Blue and a Roccat Optical Pure mouse)
  • Use a dark theme, your eyes will say "thank you" after twenty years
  • Ideally, change your seat every two hours. In my office I have a regular seat, a gym ball, and a stool to switch. Even better is a height-adjustable desk.
  • Also, take breaks. Stand up, stretch or walk around.
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