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Lucy Linder
Lucy Linder

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Think you know Docker ? Think twice

I stumbled upon the amazing website of Ivan Velichko: blog banner

This guy really goes into the details of understanding Docker, Kubernetes pods, and lots more, usually by redoing manually (using a terminal) what those tools do under the hood. The articles are fun and easy to read, with nice cute diagrams which make the complexity of the subjects easy to swallow.

Want to test your knowledge ? Game's on !

If you think you understand Docker, I dare you to read his article Learning Containers From The Bottom Up and tell me you didn't learn a thing ! But to make it fun, let's play a game.

Without cheating, try explaining the following (all sections of the article):

  1. Containers Are Not Virtual Machines
  2. Images Aren't Needed To Run Containers but containers are needed to build images
  3. Some Containers are Virtual Machines
  4. extra: containerd vs. docker

👉 Post your answers in the comment and let the game begin ! 👈

Link to the article
All the answers on his blog post Learning Containers From The Bottom Up

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Thanks for sharing, it's a really useful resource.

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Lucy Linder

My pleasure! This guy is truly amazing indeed 😊, he deserves to be known