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Discussion on: You're not worth hiring unless...

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Derick Hess

I have since moved away from management, but for a while I was the manager in charge of both the software development teams and the IT teams at the seismic facility I worked at. When I was hiring I would ask some very basic technical questions about the language/stacks we used just to see if they knew about them and why they would be used.

I more focused on questions asking 'how' they would go about solving a certain problem and what their thought process was. That for me ended up getting people better suited for the job. I needed software developers that were also problem solvers. MAny of our developers including myself also went out in the field to support seismic experiments so I needed people who coudl troubleshoot, and possibly write a new utility, solve a hardware problem, or diagnose an issue while in the jungles of Venezuela, or while working out of a yurt hundreds of miles form anything resembling civilization in Mongolia, or in a remote camp in Antarctica.