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re: And the more work you need to do (or the harder it is), the more exercise you need to get on that day. It’s counter-intuitive (because if you have ...

Yes, paradoxically you should take more time away from doing the work that consumes that time.

To wit, productivity can be analogous to sleep-Just because you got 9 hours of sleep, doesn't necessarily mean it was quality sleep. The same can be said of productivity, especially in the context of software development.

how do you find time to exercise more?

It's not so much about "finding" the time, but more about maximizing my time. I really try to create systems in place: physical, mental, social, and even software systems πŸ˜‰ to achieve more with less. Maybe a twenty minute workout can be more intense than another persons hour workout. Maybe by prioritizing and grouping tasks in such a way helps with context switches.

I would argue that exercise should garner more attention and importance for this type of career, because it not only helps with being productive that same day, but it also helps manage stress over long periods of time that helps avoid burnout. One of its biggest attributes is the ability to help mitigate the damage being done to the body from the result of many hours, days, months, years in front of a keyboard and monitor.

Your brain loves exercise

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