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Building and Testing USSD and SMS Applications complete course

derdusm profile image Derdus Mosoti ・1 min read

For a long time, I looked for an online course to learn how to develop and test and deploy USSD applications. I was not successful. I later discovered that building USSD apps is a matter of consuming API but one still has to understand a thing or 2 about GSM networks/mobile telecom networks.

USSD technology is an old technology but it has found a new meaning, and it is being embraced to create cutting edge solutions.

I embarked on creating a complete course on USSD and its sister SMS :)

It is an hands-on course, where a learner will have built a simple mobile money application running on USSD.

The course is made of 152 lessons and is 12 Hrs 35 minutes long. It is organized into chapters as follows:

  • Course introduction
  • Introduction to USSD and SMS Applications
  • Introduction to PHP programming language and HTTP protocol
  • Building and Testing USSD Application Menu
  • Adding application functionality or logic to the USSD Menus
  • Adding SMS functionality to the USSD application
  • Moving from SANDBOX environment to LIVE environment
  • Monetizing USSD and SMS Applications

Access the course using this link: Building and Testing USSD and SMS Applications

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