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We all know about some deployment automation, cd process, and all that buzzwords, but probably most of us scary to use services that provide automation for those processes. There are a lot of reasons, and I was one of those developers.

First of all, I am scary about "black box solutions", some company says me that it will take my code and ship directly to my server, huh, sounds great? But when you try it, you have no idea what they are actually doing with your server, how they will deploy the application, and what is going on.

We faced the same problem with most of the products and decided to build our own service. We had such a service for our internal needs for years, but someday we decided to share it with the community and open it for everyone. That’s how DeployPlace was born. We are on prelaunch stage and plan to release at the end of October, we are providing a lifetime discount for our early adopters, and free plan for opensource and lone-wolf developers, so feel free to subscribe.

If you want to read more about deployment tools and its benefits you are welcome to our blog.

Today I want to share my experience with different deployment tools that are already in the market:

Octopus Deploy

First imagine was like, hm, those guys probably know something, as they provide deployments for java applications and all of that. I try to sign up and next hour I was looking at this image

nice signup

after it has gone, they told me “Sorry we faced some problems”.

Deploybot and DeployHQ

Its friendly simple service, probably good for some very simple projects like websites, client apps, but they ask you full access to git, so it’s a big no-no for me and our company. Also to you will have a lot of pain trying to deploy something more complex than a static website.


I have to say that I enjoy their design, and from the first view, it looks nice and simple, until you try to deploy something.. You will have some chain with hundreds of tools, services, servers and so on. I felt like this service a bit overwhelmed, and still, I cant deploy.

The biggest problem with all of those services is that if you have CI and self-hosted git, there is no easy solution to deploy from your CI directly, all process is a black box. At DeployPlace our main goal is to create service, that developers will not be afraid to use, will understand each step of what they are doing, and will enjoy as everything made from developers to developers!

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My name is Nazar, i am CEO at DeployPlace


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Sounds interesting. How did this come about? From the post, it sounded like your company needed a deployment tool, looked at the others, but decided to roll its own. Now this deployment tool became the company's primary product. Is that correct? Did the company change focus from something else to this tool? What were you originally doing? Sorry for so many questions, just trying to understand how it came to be.

I use Octopus, but didn't get very far with their hosted/cloud service, and now just use the free version for personal projects/learning.


All of us(now DeployPlace) also working in a service company, simply a software development company with some clients from whole world. We are providing software solutions in different areas, the current company is big and more than 10 years in the market. In 10 years we builded a lot of products, and we have more than 100 microservices.
We keep our current company working, we have more than 100 people there, so its not a problem, and our core team of current company, now working on DeployPlace.
In our current company we had some small app that was doing deployment from CI, but from day to day we face with problems, we were looking for some solution, that will keep all our microservices in one place, will allow to monitor it from one place, will have logs from 3rd party solutions, will provide deploy in 3 steps, and after that we decided that solutions in market don't provide all we need, so we decided to build SaaS company.
So DeployPlace will have 3 killer features:

  • Easy deploy, no matter what you deploy, a static website or mono repository with Java application, MySQL dump and client-side inside. Everything should be in 3 steps and with a live editor to track your actions and possibility to switch in the editor.
  • Server configuration made for you, suggestion on tools that should be installed on server, extended dashboard after.
  • 3rd party integrations for all, from New Relic, sentry till SMS notifications and phone calls.

At the moment we are on the prelaunch stage, and we work hard to release faster!


This is really promising and neat. Do let me know if I can contribute towards this awesome ideology.


Hey, thank you. Well, it's not an open-source project, but anyway thank you for support!