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Honestly, I don't see 'linux' as the primary dev platform honestly.

WSL2 is a powerful tool, alongside Hyper-V which is an entirely powerful sideways for a cli tool.
-- There are some polishing needed for wsl2, but assuming you don't hit the 2nd drive hickups. (though easily worked around if you need access to a massive drive)

powershell & cmd are stupidly powerful cli with all the system commands & functionality without a problem.

VS: Code can utilize WSL1/2 linux & within the same system you can as easily swap to linux subsystem & test linux out without any problems) & even without any real effort ... connect to a mac OS install with the same code to test out the program functionality there.

That is as well to point out that 'docker' works perfectly with WSL support & is integrated exceptionally smoothly and allows swapping from the linux kernel to windows kernel.

Honestly, I am not bothered by your post, but I would point out that claiming CLI interface as a linux strength is .... short sited. Now the Unix like setup is one thing, .... but as to much that is a preference.

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