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The following is a true story:

"1998, Grunge is all the rage, computers are becoming ubiquitous but still expensive. I have spent my last dime getting a new Pentium machine. My cat chewed through my mouse cable. I couldn't afford to buy a new one so I went without for about 2 weeks. I learned to use the Windows key, (commonly referred to as the 'Four Flag Key'), and I learned to tab my way around websites and word documents. The End"

But seriously, pick a task, give yourself 20 minutes and unplug that mouse! (NOTE: I mean unplug in the existential sense, I realize that most people don't use a wired mouse anymore...EXCEPT FOR => #PCMASTERRACE.



A very good point on getting rid of the mouse physically.

Btw, PC Master Race went wireless years ago. #logitech


Not really. Most gaming mice are wired. There is an inherent latency involved in wireless. I don’t know many gamers that use a Wireless mouse. Plus, I have played for 27 hours straight before and a wireless mouse might not last that long.

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