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I enjoy reading about your enthusiasm.

I have a slightly different problem - I have come up with some ideas in my past, and have started building them. I will investigate, try out new languages to solve the problem, but as soon as I have figured out my roadmap for solving the problem, I lose all interest.

I think it comes from the fact that I created many web-based projects when I was younger. So once I feel a "deja vu" kind of feeling, I gradually lose interest, because I've done it so many times before and don't get paid for it.

I am still waiting for that "omg I need this" idea to come forward and really stick :P

Anyways, I enjoyed the article. Thumbs up :)


You sound like me. You enjoy the chase of the solution. Almost like a scientist. We crave the incomplete puzzle in front of us. And the less we see of the 'completed picture's from the start, the bigger the craving.


Yes! I like the technical side of it. How do I solve X in programming language Y? I was also playing with GPIO using Go on Raspberry Pi. As soon as I found a package, it turned a little boring. So I think my next project will be to manage the GPIO using /dev/mem or something even lower level, just for the challenge.

Like minded people are AWESOME ✨


Is the problem you're trying to solve not something you experience on your own? I've found being motivated to do something that other people might find useful doesn't come close to doing something that you will find usefulβ€”β€”and others (optionally) when you open-source your solution.

I am still waiting for that "omg I need this" idea to come forward and really stick :P

Exactly this! It doesn't need to be anything complex, you could maybe think about something trivial you regularly do to automate and grow from there?


Building things that ease up my works is as heavenly as stuffs other people find useful.


I have been working on a project that was born out of a need me and my girlfriend had. But after working on it for a few months it died out. I have thought about catching up on it again :)


I have sort of the same problem, Dennis.

Try starting the project well before you've solved the problems. Just start. Literally anywhere except for the algorithmic or new-skill parts.

Start in the middle. Start with the tests. Start with a command line app. Start with a UI. Whatever.

Since the enjoyment for you lies in solving the juiciest problems, do the parts of the work that are trivial FIRST and save your dessert for last.


Good suggestion. Will definitely try something like this for my next project! Maybe even on my current project that I have stalled. Try to reopen it and take this approach. Thanks :)


I lose all interest.

Trust me my friend, this happens to all. But do you know how I find motive to continue working on existing or new projects..?

It's because I believe "motivation is a choice."

Don't wait for that motivational quote to read, or that youtube video to boost your self confidence or that advice from a great personality.. Take responsibility and make things. Motivation is a choice.


That is true. I used to be able to keep the interest, and have made my own lightweight social network for a school I went to when I was younger.

However, now that I have tried that many times, I like the technical challenges like algorithm solving more than I like making a complete usable product :)

You'll grow everyday ✨

I could be motivated to work on something like this ... maybe:

"motivational products don't work. but our demotivator products don't work even better."


What a thinking, mindblowing haaaa

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