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Discussion on: Do you use Linux? Answer for the chance to appear on the DevDiscuss podcast!

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I don't really notice battery life because I'm mostly at the (home) office. I do feel like PopOS was pretty good on my Dell and so is Manjaro. Especialy when I switch to Intel only.

Hidpi and mainly a mix of hidpi and lodpi screens is still kind of an issue. This should be resolved when Wayland is fully done.

You should give PopOS a try if you're on a hidpi screen. It's pretty good. I switched back to Manjaro with Gnome because I prefer arch based distros and their package management. But I don't feel much difference in performance tbh.

Gnome has optional fractional scaling (which is on by default in PopOS and which you need to add yourself in Manjaro - takes like 5mins) and I use a 4K screen in my Dell with an external 4K monitor and everything works great. Can set different scaling for both screens etc.

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Mandar Vaze

Thanks. Will try PopOS (I used to think it was mainly for System76 machines)