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Discussion on: 10 things I've learned from working remotely

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Denise Nepraunig

Thank you Lindsey for sharing your experience. I have the luxury to be able to reach our office within 5 minutes with my bike. Total remote is not a good solution for me because I really like my colleagues and the social environment (water cooler chat). On the other hand I really enjoy uninterrupted deep work which is hardly possible at the office. Combining these two things led me to a solution where I currently work at the office before lunch and after lunch I work from home. This is a great combination of both worlds. I guess it only makes really sense if you have short commute times.

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Hassan Schroeder

That combination approach can also be practical if you can work while commuting e.g. on the train.

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Lindsey Kopacz Author

I love that! It's great to have that flexibility at your job!

I definitely love the social aspect of being in an office. I think if I lived alone, I would probably want that flexibility as well!