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The simpler Javascript library

Hello friends, I am here to introduce a new Javascript library to you, it's called Inter, it's a javascript library designed to build highly interactive web apps, so why a new Javascript library? Let me explain why.


The most front-end Javascript technologies around are really unnecessary complex or verbose, and they do not have an intuitive api. I guess when you already know Javascript you can learn a framework or a library in a few minutes but it is not what we've seen. Inter is very simple and intuitive.

You won't do any complex setup

You will not do any complex setup to be up and running with Inter just import the library in a script tag, it's so adoptable, if you already have a web app you can add it to enrich a party of your web app.

It is small

It does not mean that it's less capable, it means that it is easy to learn and cheaper to parse and download.

It is easy

If you know Javascript, in a few minutes you will understand Inter quickly, there's no magic, it is just Javascript.

It is reactive

Inter has a powerful reactive system, that know exactly where to apply the changes.

So Inter came to give a fun in development process, with it's intuitive and simple api.

If you know Javascript you already know Inter, to have a in-depth guide visit Inter's repository in Github Inter's repository

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