The Ultimate list of places you can host your apps for free:

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Free Hosting
The ultimate list of places you can host your apps for free. Enjoy.

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If you are building kubernetes applications you should check okteto.com


Can confirm, okteto is awesome for development 🙌. Awesome dev and onboarding experience!


Thanks Ramiro! Awesome! :)


Great list! I'll add one that's free while it's in preview: azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services... . You can use azure static web apps to deploy static applications with a serverless API powered by Azure Functions.


Thanks, Will. I already talked with people from Azure about this. You can check the discussion here: twitter.com/simona_cotin/status/12...


Great list Marco! There's also a compilation of more tools I came across at free-for.dev


This is a really nice comprehensive list. Thanks.


My pleasure. Glad you like it. 🙂


No mention of Glitch? It can host full-stack node apps and is free. It's like a combination of Heroku, CodePen and GitHub. Import and export to and from GitHub in a few clicks. Awesome "rewind" feature. Incredible community. Thousands of examples you can remix and play with. And the VS Code extension is absolutely mind-blowing.


Yes. Glitch is awesome. I'm surprised that it's not mentioned more often.


It might be a good idea to categorize which service can host dynamic pages or not. For example on Heroku you can run pretty much whatever you want (Go, Python, PHP, Ruby...) whereas github pages can only host static content.


You can host any type of app with the help of github pages npm module


Thanks for the suggestion, Nikolas.


Vercel is top notch. For all types of apps


Firebase is my favorite! Super generous free tier, plus you can also host your Express server for free using Firebase Functions!


I really like firebase but was a bit disappointed that I couldn't send an email as their functions don't allow outbound http requests on the free tier.
Netlify is my go-to now. I absolutely love it.


oof wow, that's a crazy restriction. Been using Zeit (now Vercel) and it's excellent


Yeah unfortunately that's true, but Blaze plan still has a free tier, you only pay when you exceed the free tier (hard to do unless you have thousands of users)


Thanks for sharing your experience @caelinsutch . :)


On Oracle cloud Free Tier, you have two small VMs for free forever.


Whoa! 100GB of volume storage and 20GB of cdn storage! That's awesome! I gotta check it out.


Not CDN - 20 Gig is object storage :)

By object storage it means S3 like right? So yeah technically not "cdn storage" but one gets the gist.

Yes, simar to S3


Thanks for sharing, Alexey.


Great list, thank you just migrated from gh-pages to netlify and works great. I will give other platforms a try as well.


mongodb stitch has free hosting and serverless too


Any idea where to host docker containers for free?


Thanks for the info


You're welcome Ssali. Just trying to help as much as I can.


You can add stormkit.io to the list. That's amazing project by @svedova .


Thanks for sharing Bayu. Will check it out. 👍


pythonanywhere.com ? Its got amazing service and back-end is in Flask with free MySQL.


pythonanywhere.com for Python apps


Thanks Gabriel. 🙌