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Hey company reps, give me a tip!

I am thinking of a way to travel around the world and still do IT. My idea goes by this:

I contact companies and I work for them 3-6 months, where I write a review of the company culture, the colleagues, the technologies they use and the overall experience. I also write about the life in the country. To me, this idea sounds really cool and I would be reading every post & watching every video of it along the creator's (me haha) adventure.

What the company gets from my review:

  • Exposure - One more place where the company name is shown.
  • Advertisement - The company gets the positive look of being open-minded for hiring such person and participating in this program.
  • A worker for 3-6 months - I will be a contractor due to a regular contract being too hard to come up with and too much work for a 3-6 months employee.
  • A slightly lower paid employee due to no existing promise for a long-term employment from my side

In general, my question is:

Would you participate?

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I think the key to this is do you have a decent following already (say 20,000 people on some platform or another -and nowadays even 20,000 followers is nothing unless they are in a very narrow niche that a company wants to interact with. )?

If you don't then the exposure and advertising elements are irrelevant at the moment.

In which case you are basically just asking if anyone has a temp job and wants some cheap labour...a lot of companies will say yes to that if they have the need.

If you do have a decent following then why would you offer to work for less? You are far more valuable than a normal temp employee!

It sounds like a great idea and you could always build your following while working as a temp - but there is nothing to stop you writing about any company at that stage anyway so try and find a temp job at market rates and write on the side!

Who knows, in a couple of years you may be worth an awful lot to a company as you are not only an employee but part of their marketing plan.

I think what I am trying to say, in essence, is don't undervalue yourself, but also don't think that "I will write about you" has any relevance unless you have a ready made audience when contacting companies.

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Denislav Gavrilov 👨‍🚀🤖🤷‍♂️

Superb answer! Thanks a lot, appreciated!!🙏

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Bobby Iliev

This is a really cool idea! My advise would be to start making some videos and posts already so you could get used to to whole process and be ready when you actually do this 🙌

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Denislav Gavrilov 👨‍🚀🤖🤷‍♂️

Yeah, thought so too!