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Discussion on: How I set my Linux computer for coding

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Exactly, Linus is against putting ZFS in the Linux kernel due to oracle's tendency toward litigation. So I'll stick with etx4 unless given a real solid reason. 19.10 without ZFS is still one of the best Ubuntu updates I've used in years, real happy with it for home use, but I don't want to update to frequently on my laptop as that's for work and I can't afford to waste time with any hiccups. Good write-up by the way, I'm always happy to see people supporting Linux as their development box, always feels strange to me how many developers choose ios over it

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David Mendoza (He/Him) Author

Exactly that's why. You know my laptop is my work and school machine hahaha so I'm kinda playing with fire, thanks for the compliment its my first "long" post and I'm super glad everyone liked it, you if I could afford a Mac I might buy it to install a Linux on it hahahaha