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COVID-19: An opportunity for the developers’ community and Open Source Software.

Facts: COVID-19 is already a global pandemic. Many software developers and ICT professionals in general have already turned to work-from-home mode as the official guideline is to STAY HOME.

Most developers are really passionate about their job and as a result they have a really strong community that is the moving force of the software evolution. I am also pretty sure that for most developers it will be really difficult to watch tons of series and films on Netflix during the hard days of quarantine. Sooner or later they will have the need to code during their spare time in their homes.

So here are a few things (many are obvious) we can do to make the days we will pass much more time in our homes count and offer more to our community.

  1. Learn a new programming language/technology or framework.
    By watching youtube videos, taking courses in Udemy / Coursera / edx etc. You know the ways are infinite.

  2. Answer questions in StackOverflow and other community forums.

  3. Start this side-project that you always wanted to and you could not find time to do it.

  4. Write tests for your existing projects (if you have not done it already).

  5. The most important one: Contribute to Open Source projects.

There are millions of open source projects out there. Find the one you like or you use in your projects, visit its repository on GitHub, check the open issues, try to resolve one and then make a pull request. I am sure that you will learn many things during the process.


The time you will have to spend staying at home is a lot. Try not to waste it and spend it as creatively as you can while offering to the community too.

So what do you think? What other opportunities emerge in the community due to COVID-19? Feel free to discuss in the comment section.

Stay Safe,
#StayHome ,
And keep coding : )

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Shaya Ulman • Edited

The most important one: Contribute to Open Source projects.

You can even grab a COVID-19 related Open Source project...