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Sideloading WSA on Windows 11 Stable

Downloading WSA

Download WSA preview from here:

Installing WSA

Then install it using Powershell with the command:

add-appxpackage -Path "<path to the file>"

Downloading and installing app should be through amazon store but for non-US countries its not available in the preview, so you will have to manually download an apk and install it using "adb install".

Installing ADB

Install ADB as instructed here:

Connecting ADB to WSA

Open the Windows Subsystem for Linux app and enable developer mode. An IP address and port will be shown, use this to execute the ADB command:

adb connect <IP address:PORT>

Installing with "adb install"

Now simply open Windows PowerShell or CMD and type

adb install "<path to APK file>"

That's it, and your APK will be installed, all you need to do now is open Start and find your installed app in the list!

NOTE: Make sure WSA is running. To run WSA open the app and select open "File".

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