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How to come up with new projects and their names

How do you guys come up with new projects i.e. where you get the inspiration from and make their algorithm to code it and come up with good names which reflects the project you are working on?

I am kinda new in this so I need help.

Thank You!

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JasperHorn • Edited

New projects

  • My most recently started project was inspired by a tweet of a project someone linked me to. I thought "well, that's really cool and with limited effort I can make this sort of similar thing that's not as cool but still pretty cool and it might actually be useful once it's done"

  • My second most recent project is a really ambitious project that started as an offshoot of something I had been thinking about for a while ("well, if I want to do that, it would be good to also have this") and then grew from there

  • Another project was simply me thinking of what I could make to get into this programming language I had no experience with, so I came up with a game to build


I don't work from algorithms. I work from an idea of the functional requirements of what I want to build. Writing the code I need to make that work gets the algorithms automatically.


  • My most recent project doesn't have a name that I need to broadcast, so it's a pretty mechanical description of what the project is

  • My second most recent project has a name that I brainstormed, at one point I even had some people help with this. I described the feeling, length and other properties of the name I wanted (including an available domain name) and wrote down any idea I came up with. I used thesaurus and word association sites.

  • Another project has a name that is a careful mashup of two obscure pop culture references

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Fabricio Parola