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Box CLI Maker

Swastik Baranwal
A noob
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Box CLI Maker

Make Highly Customized Boxes for your CLI


  • Make terminal box in 8️⃣ inbuilt different style
  • Custom Title Positions
  • Make your own Box style 📦
  • Unicode and Emoji Support 😋
  • Color Support 🎨
  • Align the text according to the need
  • Written in 🇬 🇴

Demo Link

It's a library so you can install it via Go

go get

Link to Code

GitHub logo Delta456 / box-cli-maker

Make highly customized Boxes for your CLI with Box CLI Maker

Box CLI Maker 📦 reference Build Status Go Report Card

Box CLI Maker is a Highly Customized Terminal Box Creator.


  • Make Terminal Box in 8️⃣ inbuilt different style
  • Color Support 🎨
  • Custom Title Positions
  • Make your own Terminal Box style 📦
  • Align the text according to the need
  • Unicode and Emoji Support 😋
  • Written in 🇬 🇴


 go get


In main.go

package main
import ""
func main() {
    Box := box.New(box.Config{Px: 2, Py: 5, Type: "Single", Color: "Cyan"})
    Box.Print("Box CLI Maker", "Highly Customized Terminal Box Maker")

box.New(config Config) accepts a Config struct with following parameters and returns a Box struct.

  • Parameters
    • Px : Horizontal Padding
    • Py : Vertical Padding
    • ContentAlign : Align the content inside the Box i.e. Center, Left and Right
    • Type: Type of Box click

How I built it

Using Go, VSCode, Terminal etc...

What I learned

  • Go Packages work
  • Semantic Versioning
  • GitHub Releases
  • Updating and Optimizing my code
  • Making documentation of my code
  • much more....

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

This is my first library that I have ever written!!

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