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Discussion on: I'm Slow And That's Okay

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M Bellucci

This is why I don't like scrum story-pointing.
I mean story points make pressure on developers to release fast and compete in the race for points on each sprint.

While often the most difficult challenges are part of the nonprogramming tasks, such as:

  • Help a colleague with a blocker
  • Talking to customers and improve requirements
  • Reviewing a PR(thoroughly) and left valuable feedback
  • Forseen possible problems, communicating to the team and planning a solution

I used to have a teammate who used to spent more time on these nonprogramming tasks, from my point of view he was a key member that made our team perform much better than other teams (big company with multiple teams).
At the end of each sprint, this guy had fewer points than other members if someone looked at the stats he was the worst contributor, lol