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Struggles of a self taught developer part. 1

The Beginning

I always had an interest for coding since I was in middle school and I am now 23 years old. I finally decided to take this interest serious back in 2020. It was hard being consistent at first because this was something new to me and it made me feel uncomfortable. I felt like it was impossible to become a software engineer on my own and I would stop learning how to code for a while, then I would return 6 years later because of my undying interest in the field of web development. My learning path was very difficult and unstructured and unorganized in the beginning. The best thing I did was actively look for resources to help me create my own own learning path. I used a lot of YouTube videos to find what specific career path I wanted to take and what free resources I can use to start going down my chosen path.

Learning path

I chose to learn front end web development as a starting point into a full stack web development career. I started by learning the basics HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This process took longer than it needed to be due to my inconsistent learning. I am now at a point where I feel like I can comfortably use these tools to create a basic website with basic functionality. The next step in my learning path is to learn React to make building websites easier using components. I feel like I am reading to start building professional projects that can display my knowledge of useful front end tools. As I continue to learn I will document my journey here.

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