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Sergey Kislyakov
Sergey Kislyakov

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Pisatel.rb - a blogging engine in Ruby

I built a very simple blogging engine with Ruby, Sinatra and GraphQL. I'm trying to create a lightweight Ghost alternative so the look of the default theme is Ghost'y.


  • You can... write posts. In markdown. In a nice real-time preview editor (thanks to those who open-source their cool projects. The markdown editor I use called simple-markdown-editor).
  • It uses Vue.JS.
  • Sqlite/mysql/postgres support (Sequel can handle more but I'm not trying to provide support for all the existing databases, so I picked the most popular).
  • Dockerized (with docker-compose).
  • It has a first-time setup page where you can configure your database stuff (host, port, db name, etc).


  • It's an alpha. I haven't tested postgres support yet. There may be bugs.
  • It does not use a cool framework like Ruby on Rails (I don't find it a con actually, but keep in mind that the code/project structure may look ugly a bit).
  • It's not that easy to contribute to it because of see above.

I'm looking for:

  • Ideas!
  • Bug reports!

Github page.

The demo will be soon.

Built with pain, tears, blood and love by me.

Top comments (3)

leandrit_ferizi profile image
Leandrit Ferizi

The Vue turned me off, I work with Angular. Vue seems like a great framework but cant learn it.

defman profile image
Sergey Kislyakov

I use Vue because I'm more of a backend guy and I have no idea about modern frontend frameworks. I've played with Vue before so I know it's not hard and does not require reading a lot of documentation to drive in :) That's the reason of Vue.JS being used in the project instead of Angular or something else, e.g. React.

aks0510 profile image
Ankit Singhaniya

I have used both React and Vue and I love to use Vue. Great choice.

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