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Next.js with Elasticsearch

I would like to start this post, by saying 'I wish Elasticsearch Cloud was free with no time limit, even just with limited features'...
Why am I saying that; because so I could add full text search capability to filter blogs on my blog site that I developed with Next.js...
Full Text Search queries make the content of the documents searchable.
This ability can be used to make searchable the content of blogs in your website, and if you provide search blogs or filter blogs kind of feature in your application, when your user enters words or phrases that appear anywhere in the content of blogs, even if the entered search word is in code blocks, the related blogs can be obtained and shown as search results to your users.
In order to do that, we need to index our blogs, .md or .mdx files, to Elasticsearch, and then, by using Elasticsearch's Rest Api, we provide full text search capability in our application.
I wrote an article on this subject explaining how you can provide full text search capability in your Next.js blog application, you can read from here

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