My VS Code setup - Making the most out of VS Code

Deepu K Sasidharan on July 17, 2019

Please follow me on Twitter for updates. Visual Studio Code(I like the sound of VS Code better), I just love it. It is my primary IDE. I alwa... [Read Full]
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If your serious about using Code for authoring markdown files, I cannot recommend the docs authoring pack enough. Its a "metapackage" of sorts which brings a bunch of different markdown extensions together.


It looks more specific for Doc specific markdown, I think I already use some of the individual plugins though. Will try later to see if its better than the one I currently use.


I thought I am the only one. I am a long term IntelliJ User (almost exclusively Grails for over a decade now) and started recently in the JS (seriously) and I love VS Code. I even use it, like you for smaller things with my Grails Code Base. In fact, i haven’t tried an JS/Angular Project with IntelliJ...


GitLens is an amazing extension for collaborative projects.


I had that, but then disabled since I wasn't using it much


Alphabetical sorter. The simplest most versatile extension you will miss if it's gone. alphabetical-sorter


Fix those, imports, consts, CSS rules, XML and JSON props, nice and easy. 100% a must have.


Many good ones here, also some I’ve not seen yet, so thanx for the list. I also love Indent Rainbow: marketplace.visualstudio.com/items...


Great thanks!
Just had to replace "/usr/bin/zsh" per "/bin/zsh" (on osx).


I believe there is a typo for the Docker plugin. It says: code --install-extension vscjava.vscode-java-debug which looks wrong.


Great but no notes on how to use some of the extensions

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