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How to host wordpress website in 3 easy steps using AWS Lightsail

Step 1: Create or login to AWS account - Login/sign up to AWS

Step 2: Create Wordpress Instance in Ligtsail

After Login Click on Services in AWS console and search for Lighsail and open Lighsail service. It will open the Lightsail console.

1. Click on create instance option.

Create Lightsail Instance

2. Select instance location, platform, and predefined WordPress blueprint

Lightsail platform and blueprint selection

3. Select preferred instance plan

AWS lightsail plan

4. Add Instance identity name and click on create an instance

lightsail instance name and create

Step 3: Get your Lightsail WordPress login password via SSH

1. Click on the recently created WordPress instance and you can see the IP address and manage instance option. Click on "Connect using SSH".

connect lightsail instance

2. After open the SSH client in the browser, enter the following command to retrieve your default password.

cat $HOME/bitnami_application_password
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Retirve default password in Lightsail wordpress

3. Open WordPress login using your static IP and login to WordPress console

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For more detail related to AWS lightsail Please follow me and comment and ask your query, I will happy to help everyone.
Check Lighsail official document for AWS WordPress Lightsail details. LINK

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