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Deepak Yadav
Deepak Yadav

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Best YouTube channels for web developers

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  1. Web Dev Simplified
  2. Programming With Mosh
  3. Code With Harry
  4. Dev Ed
  5. Traversy Media
  7. thenewboston
  8. DevTips
  10. Coder Coder

Yeah there are many more creators on youtube, they are best too but these are recommended by me and I follow them personally.

✍️If you know any Just ping me in comment section

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I'd like to throw "learn with Jason" into the ring. It's not much of a tutorial channel but more of a trying out stuff and getting into topics and have sneak peeks. Really like the content and the community.


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Jimmy Willams

I launched a new channel fairly recently for learning JavaScript and related technologies:
Maybe you find it useful :)

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Gpet • Edited on

I go for programming knowledge for having fundamental learning best for foreign that engilsh is not their first language.