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Leaflet Map - Dark Theme

Leaflet.js is arguably the best client-side map-rendering library. While there's a plethora of OpenStreet Map tile providers, none of the free basemap layer have a dark-themed map (tiles).

By applying css filter property on specific leaflet classes, we can have a "hacky" dark map.

.leaflet-control-attribution {
  filter: invert(100%) hue-rotate(180deg) brightness(95%) contrast(90%);
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  • invert(100%) completely inverts the color, essentially adding dark background to the map.
  • hue-rotate(180deg) is optional, but converts the predominant blue color (large roads) on the map to red.

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Anthony Luzquiños

This is great, thanks!

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Michele Mirandola

Great! Thanks for this snippet! :-)

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James Vanderpump

Thanks for sharing, this is so cool!

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Thank you ;-) quickly solution