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Mechanical to JAVASCRIPT

Hi, my journey started when i was a kid and my father bought a computer for the family. I was the youngest one so in the beginning i was the one most regulated in getting my hands on the precious machinery. I am talking about about time when in India we use to go to cyber cafe's and gave Rs 10/hour to access the internet. Time when Microsoft released Windows 7 and
i was the first one in my family to install an OS from a bootable USB.

My first system config, oh you never forget the first one right.

AMD Athlon 2.4Ghz
128 MB Ram

Man i tried everything to run the machine faster , tried to get everything from the machine. That was beginning of the end ,time passed by and my love for computers grew with it. I passed my school , got in to an engineering college and choose mechanical engineering as a profession. I didn't mind the lengthy syllabus and complex mechanics behind everything. I actually like engines. Mechanics was my second love.

I completed my graduation , got a nice job as a mechanical engineer. But between all this something happened , suddenly i was drawn to the my childhood love. My computers which i so dearly adored, but didn't knew nothing about programming other than some C++ that i learned in hight school and was actually very good at. In fact i was the mechanical engineering student teaching C++ in first year to my colleagues in college.

I finally decided to switch my career to become a software developer. I started learning CSS, HTML and Javascript. I had managed to get a job at an outsourcing company which did not actually required any programming skills, but i was working on computer 8 hours a day and that made my day.

I learned most of the theory and started applying for jobs and finally bagged an internship at a firm.

My 1st day :

Boss : Hey do you know have an account at github.

Newb : Yup.

Boss : Ok , slack me your id and fork this repo and start understanding
the code.


Then shits started to roll.

I was introduced to some awesome stuff. I started contributing to their code which was written in javascript-(basically in React).

Yeah yeah i know i learned framework , before the language.


I agree , i made a mistake and wanted to rectify it. So each day in office i was grinding my self learning programming , go to know about local storage first. Didn't know something like that existed and then to the amazing world MDN which taught me mostly everything. MDN was my go to place to read about the anything i can lay my hands.

Day in day out i was learning code and i am still learning. I have a long way to go and I actually love my job. I can say that do you know



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