Filter Arrays in JavaScript

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This video covers how filter higher order function works on JavaScript Arrays

Code Samples at

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I don't mean to come off as offensive here at all, but I'm starting to see a lot of the same content being repeated by different users regarding Javascript tips geared towards beginners. I think that if a lot of people continue to create the same content, it's going to clutter the site. What are your thoughts on that?

Here's a search that shows five or six array filtering posts: dev.to/search?q=filter%20arrays


Yeah I just noticed actually when you pointed out that there are other posts too. But this one is a video as opposed to the other post that are blogs. Also, I think that's true with quiet a lot of content on the internet. Apparently every one understand concepts differently. That's why variety exists and users choose to read and ignore content as per their choice. However, I agree contributors including myself can do a quick check on the already existing content and then may be add a few other use cases or code samples to strengthen understanding.


That's a great point about video!!! Surely, people learn different with different mediums. I'm working on creating a site where all of this information can be consolidated into a nice clean way where you can create a video on X, I can create a blog on X, someone else can create some animated explanation (or w/e) and they will all be consolidated around the topic of Javascript > Arrays > Filtering.

I don't think the problem is the content, but rather the medium from which the content is organized and discovered. All of the help your putting out there is awesome, but when it isn't immediately obvious that it's complimentary rather than simply additive, it appears as clutter.

I can certainly do the same thing, checking to see if there's already a bounty of content created on subject X. At any rate, thanks for your kind response!

No worries at all.It's my pleasure and we all are here to learn and give back. Most importantly listening and understanding others :)

What a beautiful sentiment. That’s what makes this community great I feel. Very cool chatting with you πŸ™


I like the animation and the style which you share the topic :)

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