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YouTube Channels and resources for Engineering Students

The concept of education has changed drastically in the recent years. With the rise of internet and technology you don't have to be present in the classroom to learn something. You have access to quality education anytime and anywhere.

With the ocean of resources you might feel confused about where to start from or which program to choose to develop your skills. Here is the list of a few resources which helped me learn and grow.

  1. freeCodeCamp: If you want to get hands-on practice with the skills you're learning then you should definitely check out this platform. It provides you with a code editor and output screen along with the informational content so you can learn the concepts and simultaneously apply them as well. There are various subtasks in every course and after the completion of these subtasks, you can test the skills you learnt by working on some example projects which come with problem statements. They also provide certification after the successful submission of the projects. They also have a YouTube channel covering a plethora of courses taught by instructors around the globe. They are a Non-Profit organization with a supportive community which has helped millions with their interactive coding lessons, articles and videos in exploring new fields.

  2. Neso Academy: I recommend this channel to everyone who is currently preparing for GATE, their university exams or just wanting to learn about basics of Computer and Operating System. Their videos are beginner friendly and have detailed explanation about the concepts making them easier to understand and retained. Along with the core computer science subjects, this channel also offers amazing content about Analog and Digital Electronics and Instrumentation.

  3. Code with Harry: This channel has playlists covering a wide variety of fields, be it any programming language, web development, app development, GUI with Tkinter,Data Structures & Algorithms, Machine learning, etc. One thing I liked about this channel apart from the amazing content is that the notes and the links to the code are provided in the description which come handy when you want to revise the session.

Following are some of the DSA and competitive programming playlists that I found really helpful

Competitive Programming/DSA Course | Hindi By luv

C++ Full Course | C++ Tutorial | Data Structures & Algorithms By Apna College

Dynamic Programming Playlist | Coding | Interview Questions | Tutorials | Algorithm By Aditya Verma

Data Structures and Algorithms By: Jenny's lectures CS/IT NET&JRF

These are some of the resources which I found useful, if you have other recommendations, please drop them in the comments. I would love to check them out. Let's keep learning and growing together!

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ivi boult

This channel is really good for python related content. I'd definitely rec it

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dee-ksha Author

thankyou, I'll check it out