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Host Express.js App For Free 👍

Have You Ever Wanted To Host Your Express App But You Are A Beginner & Don't Want To Pay For Cloud? You Are At Right Place Now!!.
I Will Give You A Demo On How To Host Your Express.js Apps For Free On Deta

Step 1 : Creating Account On Deta!.

Creating A Account On Deta Is As Simple As Writing A Hello World App On Express, Lol!!. Just Go To Deta Web & Sign Up There, It Will Look Like Something Below!!.

Deta Signup Page

After Signing Up You Will Get A Verification Mail On Your Inbox Just Click The Link And Verify Your Account

Deta Email Verification

After Verification Click On Sign In And Login To Your Account!!. Yay!, You have Completed The First Step :)

Step 2 : Getting Project Id & Key!.

After Verification & Signing In, Deta Will Automatically Create Your First Project Called default And The Project Key Will Be Shown By Default After Signing In First Time To Your Account As Like Image Below!!.

Project Key Login

You Will Have To Copy That Project Key And Id And Paste It In Notepad Because It Will Be Used Further!!.

Deta Project Key

Yay!, You Completed The Second Step Too! Nice :)

Step 3 : Installing Deta CLI

Now Install Deta CLI For Your Machine By Pasting Below Code On Your Shell/Terminal/Powershell!!.

  • Mac : curl -fsSL | sh
  • Linux :- curl -fsSL | sh
  • Windows :- iwr -useb | iex

After Installation Just Type deta login In Terminal To Login To Your Account From CLI!

Deta CLI

It Will Auto Login To Your Account!.

Deta Login CLI

Yay!, You Can Have A Coffee Now Because Third Step Is Completed!.

Step 4 : Creating Deta Micro & Express App

Go To Terminal And Type deta new --node expressapp To Create A New Micro With NodeJS Configuration And Name As expressapp, Now cd To expressapp And Open It In VS Code Or Any Code Editor!.

New Micro

It Will Already Contain A Express App In index.js. Just Edit It A Little Bit, I Have Attached My Code Below!, Also Deta Does Not Listen On Ports, Just Write module.exports = app Instead Of app.listen(port)

// Dependencies
const express = require('express');
const app = express();

app.get('/', (req, res) => res.send({ message: "Hello World" }));

// Export app
module.exports = app
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Also You Can Add Your Whole Code In index.js And Just Install Dependencies You Have Used In Your App, Here I Have Only Used express, So I Will Type npm i express In Terminal!.

VSCode Image

Now Go To Terminal And Type deta deploy To Deploy Your App


After Deploying Go To Deta Web And Under Micros Section You Will Get Your App, Just Click That And Go To The URL It Shows For Your Deployed App!.

Deta Web

Deployed URL

You Can Visit The URL and See Our Express App Is Live Now!!

Deployed App

You Can Also Change Domain Name In Domains Section, But You Have To Explore It Yourself!

Also This Is My First Blog On Whole Internet, Thanks For Reading :), Any Queries Just Comment Below 👇

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Zafeer Hafeez

Thanks! It helped alot.

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Aditya Yadav

Welcome :)

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Lotfi Jebali

Thank you, this is helpful