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What is the most important rule when designing an API?

When designing an API for your Application Frontend, what is your rule of thumb?

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These are some rules i apply that may not suit everyone:

  • share Ideas with your team
  • make sure you design user faced API
  • make distinct APIs for product admins and standard users
  • always design with security in mind
  • design it with separation concern
  • list your expected errors
  • do not handle unwanted use cases because 'maybe it could be used'
  • do not add complexity
  • make it reviewed by another team
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Make it save for ways you dont think about in the first way.

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Doug Schwartz

Don't make me think.

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Red Ochsenbein (he/him) • Edited

Keep it consistent. (Used patterns and naming)
Don't make the frontend do the data processing.

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Teodor Kulej

Do one task, and do it right, don't overthink it.

If you want a rule that's less verbal and more technical, refer to SOLID principles.

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Make it functional not technical, because the underlying technic can change more often than the desired function.

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Jonas Pfalzgraf

Use the Open API standard with Swagger to simplify documentation and allow developers and users to work with it in a meaningful way.

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Gabriel Cecon Carlsen

Modularity. Each part has its own resposaility (easy to maintain)