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LEMP and LAMP stack? πŸ€”

DECK marketplace provides you with LEMP and LAMP stack.

What are LEMP and LAMP?

  • L- Linux Operating System
  • E- Nginx Server
  • A- Apache HTTP Server
  • M- MySQL Database
  • P- PHP So LEMP and LAMP stack are both a set of open-source software developers can use to run websites and web applications.

And with DECK, it's a click of a button you can have it for your project.

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Try DECK today πŸ’•.

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Discussion (2)

jasondayee profile image

Why Nginx server called E,

I heard LNMP before.

deckdevstudio profile image
DECK πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Author

Hey Jason, I hope you are doing good.

Quote from -
"We go with LEMP due to the pronunciation for Nginx: Engine-X (en-juhn-ecks). Think of how in English, the article an is used instead of a for hour even though it begins with a consonant. The importance is the sound of the first letter rather than its written representation. Besides, LEMP is actually pronounceable and doesn’t sound like reciting the alphabet."