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Ryan Ordway


My name is Ryan and I'm a systems admin pretending to be a programmer. Looking to learn from others and hopefully give back too! Most of my experience is on the Systems/Ops side, with most of my programming being of the integration/monitoring/back end fun variety.

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Sarah Chima

Welcome, Ryan. You'll surely learn a lot here.

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David G. Johnson

As a fellow pretender, it's great to see you here, Ryan!

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I've just switched back to programming after a 10-15yr stint as a sysadmin - not having to fret about dodgy disk drives or power outages is the main plus point so far ;-)

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Dr Imhotep AlBasiel • Edited on

That sounds like a lot of fun I'm the CEO of a company and I'm not very good at programming the software firm that I developed we have over 300 developers so I don't really have to be good at coding but I have to be good at Concepts and business management but I'm really good at reading people being able to read people is really important in software development and business which is what I excel in I do code for fun with unity and JavaScript. I really should be better at coding but when you have 300 software engineers and you an American company it gives you a lot of clout and imagination to make your ideas come to life rapidly started a game development company with my four Sons because teaching him about business and technology. I thought was really important for what better way to do that than to teach business Concepts and basic development then to make your own games.

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Dr Imhotep AlBasiel

What you see in your inner eye can become your reality

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Fareedah Amzah

Hi Ryan. You make it sound fun.

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Sameer Jadhav #JA4Me

Hello Ryan! Great to meet you. What technologies do you use for automation being a sysadmin?

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Daniyar Zhadyrassyn

Sounds cool! Good luck to you!