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Check out this Advent of Code helper for Rust

Disclaimer - NOT my project, I just think it's cool.

I've been waffling about what language I'd like to use for AoC this year but if you've settled on Rust, you should check out this tool.

It will download your input for you and handle running and benchmarking. It also includes with some handy macros to hook generators to solvers, tailored to the format these problems generally take.

I'd gotten my heart set on F# as an intro to the MS ecosystem, but this is so dang cool. I do love me some Rust... it's going to be hard to steer clear.

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That is pretty neat. The whole cargo ecosystem is one of Rust's biggest strengths.

I'm actually here to upvote F#. The whitespace rules were a little annoying, but |> should be in every language. I originally justified using it because it could co-exist in the MS ecosystem alongside our C#. Thing is, once you get comfortable with it you won't want to use assemblies from other languages because you'll inherit null, exceptions, and non-idiomatic syntax.

But I'd push for it if I thought I could get other people from the team on-board.

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Gerard Klijs

Looks nice indeed, I was currently using Java with RxJava mainly to see how it works in a clean project. It's very tempting to do it also in rust with this.