Check out this Advent of Code helper for Rust

Ben Lovy on November 30, 2018

Disclaimer - NOT my project, I just think it's cool. I've been waffling about what language I'd like to use for AoC this year but if you've settle... [Read Full]
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That is pretty neat. The whole cargo ecosystem is one of Rust's biggest strengths.

I'm actually here to upvote F#. The whitespace rules were a little annoying, but |> should be in every language. I originally justified using it because it could co-exist in the MS ecosystem alongside our C#. Thing is, once you get comfortable with it you won't want to use assemblies from other languages because you'll inherit null, exceptions, and non-idiomatic syntax.

But I'd push for it if I thought I could get other people from the team on-board.


Looks nice indeed, I was currently using Java with RxJava mainly to see how it works in a clean project. It's very tempting to do it also in rust with this.

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