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The "best" web framework?

What is the best web framework to learn?

This is a common question among people just starting out in the field of web development. As a beginner, it is easy to assume that there is probably one major framework that everyone uses. Learning this framework would be enough to quickly land you a job, right?

Well yes, but actually no

In my opinion, there is no "best" web framework. Only one that is best for the given requirements and constraints.

What do you think?

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Jean-Michel (double agent)

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Ben Halpern

There's no true "best"...

But if someone is getting started with webdev, all else equal I might point them towards nextjs. Not that I'm even a user of it, but it seems straightforwardish, more or less skating where the puck is going, and not so brand new to be in beta.

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With frameworks basically just being an abstraction on top of Javascript, the best thing to learn would be Javascript. Afterwards knowing more than one framework would probably be best. For me knowing React and Angular, and angularJS, and a little vue has been great for my career.

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You should try out Django once in your life, for large scale projects, like ecommerce etc. Then try to implement the same in others. You'll feel the kick in your gut when you level down from the ORM capabilities of Django.