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Debugging story of the week: Cargo refused to build my project - A Rust debugging story!

This is Debugging Story of the Week. A series where each week I post my favourite Debugging story from the interwebs, and why I think they're interesting. You are most definitely invited to share your debugging story.

This week it is from Raunak (@rrampage), it's my favourite because it shows how your code can fail to compile even when you've done nothing wrong. You can install the language using the right tools, write the perfect code, use all secure packages that are compatible with each other, and yet your code can fail to compile. His knowledge of compilers and linkers came in handy while debugging and thankfully the Cargo Book had good documentation. If a tool doesn't have proper documentation, it is easy to get lost in guessing where the error could be originating from.

If you want them to RTFM, write a better FM

Check out Raunak's story below and tell me what you think.

We all have debugging stories where in the end, we might even feel stupid (we all do). I think we should all share these stories with each other, so that when someone comes across a similar problem, they don't have to spend time pulling their hairs out wondering what went wrong.

So, what's your debugging story?

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