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Some feedback about the editor

I just typed a short blogpost and accidentally clicked on the "Write a post" button instead of "Save post", as they sit very close to each other and have very bright colours of primary actions. The sad part is that I got directed to a new blank page to start typing a new post. I lost my previous post :(

Did someone else experienced that and, because of that, moved to another editor and copied/paste here?

The blogpost was about being a pro, how I got this triggered by another mention of being a pro by Seth Godin in Tim Ferris podcast, and how I did manage to fail on my third day of becoming a pro. I mentioned the book The War of Art, I recommend it.

Obs: I almost clicked on "Write a Post" again when I wrote the last paragraph, as it stays on the fixed header when you scroll down, not the "Save post" button.

Obs2: Just reminded that is open source and somebody will say that PR are acceptable :) Thanks in advance for the note.

Obs3: Missed a last "Write a post" click. Uff...

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