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The journey of #100DaysOfCode

Finally, the journey of #100daysofcode ends today.

In this 100Days I learned about web technologies like #html5, #css3, #js, #ruby, #jquery and make some projects with them. Also, use #flask for making a portfolio website.

Also Learned about #git and #github deeply and worked in #opensourcedevelopment and completed the #hacktoberfest2019 challenge and selected among the first 50,000 contributors.

Also, accrue a lot of knowledge about python and made many projects using #opencv, #pandas, #numpy and so on and also solve some basic competitive programming in HackerRank and clear the concepts of #cprogramming.

In short, the journey was great and it gives a lot of knowledge about how the real world software development works. This #100daysofcode challenge makes me more confident and I also going to start phase 2 of #100daysofcode very soon.

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Karen Poveda L.

That's amazing! Congrats! Did you started from zero on those topics? How did you advance so quickly? I'd love to know. I tend to want to know everything about every topic but that prevents me from advancing