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Firebase Realtime Database vs Cloud Firestore


For the last couple of years, I am using Firebase extensively in my personal projects. One of the most difficult choice is to make between Firebase Real-time Database vs Cloud Firestore. After using both of them here are some of the key points I found which can help you to choose between both of the storage options -

When to use Realtime Database?

  • Firebase Realtime Database is great for apps that need data to sync in real time across users and have relatively simple data models.
  • Realtime Database works well for projects on a budget that require high real-time functionality.
  • It's a good fit for small to medium-sized apps where complex queries and scaling aren't major concerns.

When to use Cloud Firestore ?

∙ Cloud Firestore is a better choice for larger apps that need strong data modeling and advanced querying.
∙ It's perfect for apps with complex, hierarchical data structures that need to be queried in multiple ways.
∙ Cloud Firestore is suitable for high-performance, scalable apps, especially those with global audiences and extensive data operations.


To sum it up, Firebase Realtime Database is best for simple real-time apps with less complex data or budget considerations. On the other hand, Cloud Firestore is the better option if your app needs advanced querying, more complex data structures, and better scalability. If you like this blog and you want to learn more about Frontend Development and Software Engineering you can follow me on

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