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The Product Management Prioritization Menagerie

Folks, it’s a zoo out there, especially when it comes to feature prioritization. I've even created my own O'Rly parody bookshelf to go with it:

The wild animals it includes:

  • HiPPO — Highest Paid Person’s Opinion
  • RHiNO — Really High value, New Opportunity
  • ZEbRA — Zero Evidence, but Really Arrogant
  • WoLF — Works on Latest Fire
  • Seagull Management - swoops in & poops on your project

For each book cover in my blog post, I've linked up at least 2 or related articles or books on each of these 5 beasts that graze upon our prioritization process.

That said ...

... I'd be curious to see in this channel is a conversation on how these wild beasties might disrupt your work in progress, your sprint commitments, or take your product down a feature factory path.

For example, how do you deal with a charging HiPPO fresh out of a board meeting, or the RHiNO insisting that 'they really need feature X to make the sale?'

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