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  • git push --force on a regular basis
  • using VSC to open dot files and not taking the time to learn vim or nano, etc

If you start using —force-with-lease instead the habit becomes quite a bit less bad.


My git alias, pf,is just for that, alias.pf push --force-with-lease. More here 😉


I don’t think the second is a bad habit. There’s no special reason one needs to be using bin or nano imo.


I think all Unix/Linux developers should know vim. Because vi or vim is almost always installed on these variants. Sure for local development a UI is great, a very useful tool! But for editing files on remote machines, the ability to ssh to a remote machine and make a quick change is very important.


My git alias for that command is git fush 😄


I need that in my life. I'm an obsessive compulsive interactive rebaser.

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