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Dennis Quesada Cruz
Dennis Quesada Cruz

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What would be the best night time to code?

I have this situation, my full time job consumes most of the morning, so I have availability at night to work remotely, also at that time (much better at dawn) is when I have a better 3G connection.

In your experience as developers, what would be the best practice, getting up at 2 am or going to bed a little later?

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Endy Tjahjono • Edited on

Morning. When I'm sleepy my willpower is low, I will end up browsing social media instead of working.

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What I would be to wake up early my mind would be fresh, and my brain would be able to absorb and able to focus. It helps a lot for example I’ll take 1 hour to learn something new then go a focus on my side project for 2 hours. Normally in the mornings I have more time to kill.

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Dennis Quesada Cruz Author

@colender and @endy_tj :
I see, I thank you very much for responding. I forgot to mention that, I have to get up very early to travel to my main job. So I think it would be best, for example, to get up at a time that I am not as sleepy and try to get the best out of what I am doing.