Practice Makes Perfect

DylanC on May 09, 2019

Six weeks go by quickly, especially when you’re learning a skill that plunges you ever deeper into an endless world of excitement. Looking back, I ... [Read Full]
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Great post, fellow Flatiron student! I learned things about Pry from you! I had never dug into the documentation on pry to learn the extent of other commands one can use. Kudos on your blog post!


Nice! Didn't know about play. One of my favorite commands is !, which clears the input. It's useful if you're writing like a do...end block, and have a typo but hit enter already.


Love ! too. Saves so much time instead of: kill pry, retrigger pry, try again. What are some of your other favorites?

I haven't messed around with all of the commands as much as I've wanted to yet.


Maybe for the next post you could tell us more about what PRY is? Is it a terminal command? What language does it operate on? Show us an example of the input and output?


Awesome suggestions. Thanks. I'll definitely give it a go.

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